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Insane Sugar Baby

I consider myself an expert in pushing men’s limits. There are many methods I use to get the desired result. Some of them could convince someone that I must be mentally ill. Others that I am a genius in relationships. Negative behaviours like obsessive jealousy, stalking a partner, destroying his friendships and connections or making work impossible definitely qualify me for a place at a psychotherapy center.

The method which has been giving an unexpectedly positive effect is openness. When a Sugar Daddy declares that he has met an attractive girl, I react with enthusiasm and joy. If she is so wonderful, then I simply must get to know her! Sugar Daddy is delighted and proud. Various scenarios are created in his subconscious. From threesomes to all possible constellations in luxurious sex parties. Two heads are better than one.

Before the meeting, you put on a superficial smile and an amazing dress. You are in splendid mood, confident and with an ace up your sleeve. You outshine that girl at every step. Not only with your appearance but also with positive attitude. You go through all the unforgettable memories from your relationship and make your Sugar Daddy realize how irreplaceable you are. You become a star in his eyes and the attractive miss loses her shine. You demonstrate that you have developed your position and you will protect it.

In long-term Sugar Dating (or any relationship) you have to put in a lot of time and energy. Even when a girl like this appears, he’s only interested on an instinctual level. He cannot be bothered to put anything into this relation except for his dick. Men instinctively sense to which extent your relationship is future-oriented and in which a transitional one. Hiding your jealousy for a moment to meet the enemy makes you unbeatable. He realizes that you are his queen and these ladies are nothing but insignificant episodes. This method is an amazing tool in open relationships. Men catch on it from time to time when they crave freedom and unconsciously seek to realize how valuable their partner is. Like every woman, I love to create drama. As I admitted, some methods make me sound insane.

One of the systems I introduced to my relations is called “Month of Peace”. The aim is to take care of my mental health. When I administer the “Month of Peace”, it does not include fights, jealousy, mood swings or partner’s stalking. We treat every obstacle encountered as a challenge that needs to be solved in peace. For some, it’s every day, for me it’s periods of forced sanity. This provides some connection, a lot of space and positive vibes. I always aspire for one more month, but my whole frustration must have a vent and it happens quite well after a period of 30 days. After the explosion, we start again.

However, I have a quiet hope that with the right partner, a month of peace will not be an achievement. On the other hand, a longer peace brings boredom. That reduces energy for developing connection and sexual satisfaction. What we do not want!

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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