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Sugar Lover

Being in an arranged relationship you have probably been “the third one”. There are many types of Sugar Dating, and having a Sugar Baby on the side of marriage is nothing new. You are a woman who embodies his unfulfilled desires. A woman who satisfies him emotionally and sexually. You offer him something that a regular partner cannot give him. Full attention and no mood swings. You are still grateful, content and you do not take anything for granted. You are his escape from gray reality.


Be aware that you are diversifying his married, boring life. Many women realize themselves as Sugar Baby Lovers. It is the only way some of them can Sugar Date. There is no emotional involvement, only pure fun and freedom. You are sure that the partner will not get overly involved because he already has a long-term relationship. You are his lover, stepping-stone and muse. He feels fulfilled in every sphere. He has a hearth and home and a woman ready for experiments on the side.


Some people consider that a betrayal, immorality, and deceit. Of course, hiding sexual relationships is not the best idea. Lack of honesty towards a wife or a primary partner can result in a dirty divorce or a family breakdown. However, sometimes openness pays off and you can count on understanding from your wife.


Do not demand from him what you know he will not give you. Do not fall in love, be conscious and cautious. Don’t hold the grudge: he played “open cards” from the beginning. Do not take the blame and ask yourself, “How could I have done this to another woman?” He is an adult man who is responsible for his decisions. Do not try to convince him to leave his wife. He will not choose you; you are in his life “for a moment”. You do not want to have it on your conscience.  Being a sponsored lover is a popular short-term option. Men oftentimes are cowards; they do not leave their wives. Wife is a determinant of his social status. There are societies in which a man can have many wives and bring up children together, but there are also countries where it such male-female arrangement would be unthinkable.


The arrangement of meetings depends on him. Let him decide on a location, time and frequency. However, set the rules of the agreement together. Introduce your expectations and ensure discretion. He really cares about it. Even if your relationship ends in a not very pleasant way, do not even think about payback. Actions like enlightening his wife or blackmailing reveal your intentions. Do not feel guilty. If you both take advantage of the relation, and you do not hurt anyone. There is nothing detrimental in it.


However, often being in such a system is associated not only with the enormous loneliness of a woman but also with the mental suffering associated with the feeling of “being worse”. Do not let this feeling dominate your self-esteem. Be aware of your worth and enter this arrangement only when you are able to lift it.


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