Sugar Advisor: Relationship Hygiene: Navigating a Life with Multiple Partners

Relationship Hygiene: Navigating a Life with Multiple Partners

Why is it important to take care of your body and mind as a woman in Sugar Dating?

To maintain respect towards yourself. You have to be conscious that all your choices will affect your future. Each new partner, travel or experience shapes you as a person. It is also true as it comes to your sexuality.

Every new exploration has a positive or a negative effect on your mind. I am talking about interesting partners with whom you have a deeper relationship. Because sex can be boring. How many times did you pretend to be a Prima Donna when you really thought “When will he cum?”

Such relationships do not have the right to exist if you want to respect your body. Do not give yourself over for money, travelling or acquaintances. I experienced it several times and ended up with an emotional hangover. I did it against myself, for a clean profit that finally did not give me the pleasure I wanted. Strangely, fatal sex partners were great friends, people with a good heart and positive attitude. Therefore, I claim that chemistry and desire between people is a priority. Take care of your mind through choices that positively influence your present. Organize your life and do not base it entirely on Sugar Dating. It’s just an addition; a pleasure, entertainment, and pampering.

How to take care of your body? In addition to the daily fight against wrinkles, cellulitis, and pimples, focus on providing good vibrations. I can list the “methods for health” infinitely. The boom for healthy nutrition, training and rejecting everything with gluten has been dominating the social media. More than the use of all these “miraculous” methods, I have several ways to keep the harmony in my body. Sometimes I sit down, put my phone away, and breathe deeply. Often, on the run, I catch myself forgetting to breathe. I also always turn towards the sun. To catch some vitamin D. Of course not for long enough to create wrinkles.

Sleep makes a lot of space in your head. Sugar Daddies love the well-established, relaxed and fresh Sugar Babes. What to do when you live in a constellation of benefactors? This lifestyle is not easy. However, if you care about all of the relations, be careful. Prioritize. Ask yourself questions:

1.Which partner brings me the most benefits?

2.With whom I feel the most comfortable?

3.Which one do I care about the most?

It is possible that each of them brings something positive to your life. Do not let any of them feel a lack of attention. Treat them in the same way; show respect, interest, and adoration. Create some kind of action plan to satisfy everyone sexually and mentally, but do not forget about yourself. All connections must be healthy; you do not have time and energy for toxic relationships. Your choice is whether to inform them about each other. Be aware, however, that some may react in a negative way because they do not like to share women. They want to have the ownership. The best way is to lightly suggest whether an open relationship would be an option. If you sense that it has no right to exist, be sure what is more important to you, this particular person or several Sugar Daddies.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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