Sugar & Spice: The 5 Reasons Why Your Young Boyfriend Sucks (Even If He’s Rich)

The 5 Reasons Why Your Young Boyfriend Sucks (Even If He’s Rich)




Hi, how are you. I am your new go-to Sugar Daters blogger, and this is my first blog entrance. Yey. Due to an unlikely possibility of me having a proper career one day, I won’t tell you who I am, unless you make me a real good offer, in that case drop me an email or dm me on FB and I will provide my PayPal details, thanks. That was literally the longest sentence I have ever written. Otherwise, I hope my hidden identity won’t stop us from becoming best friends. Right? So grab your pumpkin spice latte, and without further ado let’s dive into this week’s topic. Which is 5 reasons why your young boyfriend sucks. Even if he’s rich.

1. He is not ready for true commitment. By commitment I don’t just mean him saying “babe, let’s move in together”. You get all happy and in 2 weeks it turns out that he just wanted to split the rent and you do all the cleaning. 

2. He hasn’t learned how valuable the time is. That will become painfully evident in each passing day that he spends playing Fortnite or drinking craft beers with his boys. That’s right, his boys.

3. He will probably find someone your age in 8 years. Let’s be real for a moment. What you have to offer now, someone else your age will in 8 years. Sure, you’re smart, charismatic, unique and all that. But do you really believe that those statistical exes with a bunch of kids working 2 jobs didn’t have their moment back in the day? Thought so. If you’re ever to get serious, you want to be the second wife, and never the first.

4. He’s still a mama’s boy and she probably won’t like you. Like, at all. Whether your type is a vegan hipster or an alpha who lives in the gym, chances are, his mother still perceives him as her little boy and takes care of his dentist appointments. Your boyfriend is very likely the main man in her life, since her husband probably got cold feet a while ago. Especially if she found herself in the first wife situation (see point 3). So get ready for fighting over his attention while you choke on gluten during awkward family dinners.

5. Unlike his dad, he’s probably open to his emotions and his inner true whiny self. There’s even scientific evidence to support that. Which basically means that at the end of the day you’re expected to be the one to stroke his hair when he’s having one of his moments and provide 24/7 free emotional support. You know, in case he gets hit by one of his totally serious existential crises. Who wants to put up with that s***? Not me for sure.

If at this point you think that it’s only my bad experiences that do the talking, let me admit that you’re absolutely right. But before you dismiss the relevance of my points, keep in mind that I’ve given a fair chance to more than a couple of adolescent individuals. Us, young people, are not that unique as it comes to dating. But all of us grow with time.

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