Sugar Dating is supposed to be sweet. If it is not, then you’re not doing it right.

I’m Maddie, a British Sugar Babe living in Prague. My goals in life are, to see the world, meet inspiration people and run my own business. When I decided to start Sugar Dating, I had no clue what I was doing but after discovering Nina Peterson on a social media site I became a member of I$$A (International Sugar Sisters Association) an exclusive group of Sugar Babes world wide who support one another and advise each other how to meet the right Sugar Daddies. So far I met amazing Sugar Daddies and some Splender Daddies but each experience has helped make me become an even better Sugar Baby. My goals are set and in sight.

Sugar Dating- the act of dating a older wealthy man (or woman) who see you as a asset in his life. This man or woman wishes to financial support you, to spoil you and to treat you like a lady. This is the most important component of being in a Sugar Dating relationship. It is not an “one night stand” in exchange of money nor it is usually even, Pay Per Meeting (PPM). A true Sugar Daddy usually (not always) offers a monthly allowance to suit his Sugar baby’s needs. However many women, who have recently become a Sugar baby, they aren’t completely aware of this. As a result, sometimes they end up in more of an escort/client transactional relationship. Since the lines between sugar dating and escorting are becoming blurred, SugarDaters® gave me the opportunity to outline some of the Do’s and Don’ts of Sugar Dating. In this way we can weed out “Splender Daddies” ( = a man who presents himself as a Sugar Daddy but isn’t) and educate new Sugar babies so they don’t toe or step over the line of Sugar Dating into escorting without realising.

Do- Get to know each other and understand what you are both looking for before meeting in person. Find out what it is that he does and which are his goals in life, how can he help better your life and in what way (eg paying your bills or a fixed monthly allowance, helping clear some debts you may have etc.) Do this before setting up a meeting because it will help you determine if you two are a good match. Personally, I usually speak to Sugar Daddies for a month or two before meeting them so I can be sure that the arrangement is fitting.

Do- Be safe! Safety is important in all forms of dating, and especially in online dating. Sexual health, mental health and physical health are important. Make sure you keep it that way.

  • Sex: Wear protection and get STI tested at least one per year or more if you have multiple partners. if you aren’t on the contraceptive pill or any other form of contraception, get some! Condoms are not 100% effective.
  • Mental: In case that you are suffering from mental health issues it’s important to seek help. Mental health issues are downplayed and sometimes even humoured and they can leave people feeling alone. By staying on top of your mental health it can help you navigate a successful and healthy relationship. I use to suffer from depression and anxiety, but I tried meditation and yoga which actually helped me feel more centred.
  • Physical: There is not much to say that isn’t obvious. Work out in whatever way you can (gym, yoga, swimming etc). Make sure that you are getting enough vitamins and minerals by following a balanced diet and by drinking lots of water!

Do- Be honest. If you’re looking for a short term arrangement (for example just for a few months) you should say so. If you want an open relationship, state that. There is no point in dancing around the truth since you’ve come this far now and you are finally  sugar dating.

Do- Groom. Making sure that you are a well groomed lady is a key! Your Sugar Daddy is dating a beautiful young girl and he wants to show the world how amazing you are. So keep it classy. You don’t have to have the most expensive clothes or shoes to dress appropriately either.

Don’t- Give out any personal information that could hurt your personal life. Never give your bank details, address or even full name unless it is necessary or unless you trust the other person enough. Personally, the only times I’ve given my full name is when a Sugar Daddy is booking a flight for me or when I trust him enough. Also, I would recommend not to send naked photos unless you feel you can trust the recipient!

Don’t- Low ball yourself. If you are serious about being a Sugar baby it’s important to know your self-worth. The point of dating older wealthy men is so you can enjoy life together. Men offering money in exchange for sex is NOT sugar dating.

Don’t- Be naive. When you meet a sugar daddy, (either online or in real life) look for the “Splender daddy” signs:

  • He offers you an large sum of money without even introducing himself properly first. This is highly likely that it is a scam or a man posing to be wealthy when he isn’t. Come on ladies, if it sounds like a duck,  and looks like a duck…. then it’s a duck!
  • He tells you he wants to PPM (Pay Per Meeting) and he offers you 30 euros per date… Nope, that’s not sugar dating either! My average allowance has been 1000-1200 euros per month. And this isn’t even considered high. Google Nina Peterson If you want to see an example of a real sugar baby.

Don’t- Compromise your morals.  No means no, even in the Sugar Dating world. Don’t let anyone feel that they are entitled to you in anyway, just because they are financially helping you. They aren’t.

In conclusion, Sugar dating is mutually beneficial!  Much like Sugar, Sugar Dating is supposed to be sweet. if it is not, then you’re not doing it right.


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