When a sugar baby is a master manipulator

For most of the sugar babies, a sugar daddy plays the role of the saviour. He is the one who saves them from parental authority and strict education. He provides them with a door that leads to a life full of experiences where they can also discover their own body.

By replacing the father’s affection, a sugar daddy can be a guide or a mentor as well.   Because of his cool and relaxed attitude, whilst giving wise advice about career, love or friendship, the sugar daddy inspires confidence and represents a natural authority free from judgment.

So why would a baby choose one sugar daddy over another?

That will mainly depend on where she stands between her personal assertiveness and her female desires, a balance that is not always easy to find. Consequently, this will probably make her to “test” her sugar daddy in order to reach her decision.

This is a master manipulator. The master manipulator is for example the sugar baby who cannot stop talking to her sugar daddy about her other relationships. This type of sugar baby knows that a sugar daddy who feels that he has a competitor having previously considered himself the only man on the scene will be affected by his injured ego. So he tells to himself:” why doesn’t my sugar baby just appreciate me for what I am and for the good moments that we share?”.

The master manipulator knows very well that when her sugar daddy is put in a competitive environment, he becomes vulnerable and doesn’t feel unique anymore. This is her chance to shift his role from saviour to victim and to take control of the relationship. When this is done, she releases herself from her status of a girl missing affection for a much more exciting role: the torturer.

So sugar daddies make sure that you spot the master manipulator from the very beginning. Being unaware of her game can quickly lead to loss of self-confidence, which will then lead to the end of the sugar dating relationship.

Finally, it is up to sugar daddies to be clear about what their sugar baby is expecting from them. They must be careful not to fall into a kind of dependent relationship because then, they will have to accept that their sugar baby (who at first glance looks very innocent) is in reality a “femme fatale”.

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