Danish Sugar Daddy Lars: read his story

A guest submission by a Danish Sugar Daddy Lars


“Use sugar dating to meet people you never would & expand your outlook!”


Enter my first sugar date.

I had just signed up on SugarDaters and wrote to a few girls. I was quite used to Tinder, and my initial surprise was how easy it was to have fun conversations with very interesting people.

One of the girls I was talking with was up for a quick chemistry-meeting. Having no idea what that meant, I obviously decided this was a great way of finding out. We arranged a meeting at the train station (hey, not all sugar daddies have cars ;).


The meeting went… Great.

We met, we hugged and we talked instantly. We went to a local store and bought wine. We then went to a park and sat down and talked in the late summer evening. We talked for hours. We also kissed. We also did things you’re not supposed to do in public. 

The girl told me she was new to the sugar dating concept, just like me. She did it because she had a sexual fantasy to be sexually dominated by men. It was not about the amount of money; it was the fantasy of being “rewarded with something”. 

We had a really great evening. Our conversation was very exciting. We both got very turned on by the whole situation. We both enjoyed it. However, this surprised me.

This girl was someone I would never meet normally. In the “normal world” I date academics who are focused on their career, who are all pretty similar (end-twenties, love wine, are social and work a lot). 

This girl was… Studying, vegan and shy. I would have swiped left on her Tinder profile any day. Yet, we both had a night that was much, much better than your average date on a regular site. 


Since then:

I’ve been on quite a lot of dates. Not all dates go like my first one, but most actually do. I get to meet so many different girls. Dancers, academics, artists, social helpers, students, immigrants and more.

I’ve probably been on the same amount of Tinder dates as dates from SugarDaters over the last 2 years. When I look back, not only have I genuinely enjoyed the sugar  dates more, they’re also more memorable. If I consider the girls I still talk to on a daily-basis, sugar dating is also a clear winner to Tinder. My sugar dates have evolved into friendships – and often not even sexual ones if they, for instance, found a boyfriend.

And this has been a genuine surprise for me. It has changed the way I look at dating. I think we’re way too focused on what we believe is correct for us, while the unknown surprise can be just what you need.


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