Coronavirus Offer: Stay Safe, Choose Online Dating

Right now the entire Europe is trying to avoid any unnecessary personal interaction. We’re not going out to clubs or bars, we’re avoiding big crowds, we are untrustful towards the strangers. Which drastically limits our possibilities and perhaps even our willingness to find a date. Unless, of course, you choose online dating. Therefore, we prepared you a special coronavirus offer.


SugarDaters® wants you to be safe. And that’s why we recommend sticking to online dating for now. Build your relationship online and meet in person when the COVID-19 outbreak is over. 


To help you with that we have prepared our coronavirus offer. As quarantine lasts for 14 days, here is your special 2 week offer at the price of 12 GBP. To get your offer, simply use the code ‘covid2weeks’.


This is how you can make the most of your time at home and find yourself a date for later!


Most importantly, we encourage you to read and follow WHO recommendations.

SugarDaters® Team recommends taking all the necessary precautions. Stay safe!