Top 5 misconceptions about boy toys

Since you’re already here, you must know who a boy toy – an often overlooked figure in sugar dating – is. In case you don’t, a boy toy is someone who is into dating successful, experienced and usually older men or women. In other words, it’s like a sugar baby, only a guy version of it. Boy toys are not talked about as much as sugar babies, however, these rare beautiful birds are an intensely growing demographic in sugar dating. And yet, perhaps even more so than sugar babes, they are surrounded by misleading stereotypes. These are several most common.


1. Boy toys are immature

This is probably the first stereotype that comes to most people’s mind when thinking about younger men in relationships. However, oftentimes this one is a big miss. As we talked before, age doesn’t equal maturity. While the latter doesn’t necessarily come with age.


2. A boy toy = high-maintenance dandy

While it is true that many boy toys like to take good care of themselves and their appearance by working out, eating healthy and investing in skincare or even some makeup, it doesn’t mean that all of them are shallow or overly narcissistic. On the contrary, their self-care and self-worth is something many of us could learn from. 


3. Young men are inexperienced sexually

Well, yes, hello, that is oftentimes true. But that also means they might try twice as hard than know-it-alls twice their age. With the right amount of communication and honesty, a young male partner may be way more flexible and adaptable than you might expect. Both literally and figuratively;)


4. Boy toys are self-centered/inconsiderate

Just no. On the contrary, a lot of boy toys tend to primarily focus on the well-being and comfort of their partners. They are some of the most attentive and considerate species out there.


5. Boy toys are not manly

Really? Let’s quickly fact-check this. For one, boy toys might indeed be the gentler and kinder than the old-school ‘alpha males’. However, even if that’s not the power dynamics you envision as ideal in a relationship, it doesn’t mean boy toys are not for you. Boy toys come in all shapes and sizes, whether that would be a sweet boy-next-door, an intellectual hipster type or a dedicated gym-goer.

Whether the boy toy of your dreams is someone you can meet in a local pub ordering a craft beer or a soy latte, or someone who’s living in the gym, we objectively advice you to save your time and increase your chances at SugarDaters.