5 sugar baby benefits that have nothing to do with money

There are plenty of benefits having a sugar partner, a sugar daddy or a sugar mama, can bring to your life. So what are the best sugar baby benefits that you can expect from having a sugar partner?


1. Emotional support


It’s not to say that your sugar daddy will (or should) be your therapist just because he’s older than you are. He has his life and his problems. However, depending on the level of trust you have in your relationship, he can be the right person to share what you’re going through in your personal life. Your sugar daddy/sugar mama is likely someone who cares about you and can make you feel safe and taken care of. 


2. Life advice / experience


Life is full of challenges for a young person, in each domain. Family, relationships, school, career. Your sugar daddy or your sugar mama is someone who’s had more life experience has likely been through similar things you’re going through right now. And has had more time to learn how to deal with them. He sees what you’re going through with different eyes, and is able to offer a new perspective – one that you or your peers might not be able to see yet.


3. Different experiences


Whether it’s different types of music, foods or entertainment (movies, ballet, opera, theater, dances, sports), someone from a different generation is likely to have different ways of spending their free time. And while you might be the one to introduce them to youth culture, they can show you an entirely different world of having fun or relaxing.


4. Mentorship


Depending what kind of career you’re pursuing and what type of person you’re planning to become in upcoming years, your sugar daddy/mama might be able to provide you with required knowledge to get there faster and easier. For example, if they’re self-employed, they might give you some golden advice, or even help you out with networking if you’re someone who is also planning to open up your own business. 


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5. Inspiration to succeed


Probably one of the best sugar baby benefits. This is not to say that your sugar lover will be your personal coach who will push you to your limits when you’re about to give up. And yet, the best source of inspiration, much more effective than one you can find in a motivational book or hear in a podcast, is to actually have someone in your life who already succeeded and has the type of lifestyle that you’d like to have for yourself in the future.


Time to find your sugar daddy!