Happy Online Dating UK

How is the future looking for online dating in the UK?

After having a long chat with a few of our friends in UK, researching internet, looking at different dating websites, reading news articles and business news (about online dating business) – we can safely say that the future is not bleak at all for online dating UK industry. So everyone needs to calm down and relax while they look for partners and dates online. We will not state any numbers here, just a few interesting facts:

  1. Despite the huge controversy about sugar dating in the UK, online dating industry is not just booming but also going strong when it comes to sugar dating
  2. We are surprised to see that there is a lot of buzz about rich men dating young women but not enough noise about rich women dating young men
  3. With so many dating platforms, most customers are signed up on more than one platforms and mobile apps
  4. What does promiscuous buyer mean? Not all businesses are offering everything the customers need or the customers just want to keep the power in their hands?
  5. Concerns of safety look manageable in the long run with the advent of Online Dating Association
  6. Clean businesses will be here to stay and dirty ones will have to go home
  7. People are getting more at ease with online dating websites and mobile apps
  8. Love and partnership is an integral part of everyone’s life
  9. If you don’t agree with any of the facts above, please feel free to comment 🙂


Image credits: @Doug88888 (image unchanged)

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