Top 10 date ideas for when you’re in Denmark

Take you Sugarbabe on her dream date!

Tivoli Garden Copenhagen – If you want to fall in love with beautiful scenery, exotic architecture, historical buildings and lush gardens, what better place to start than Tivoli Garden? Take your Sugar Babe out for a completely unique and mysterious walk, especially at night when thousands of coloured lights create a fairy-tale atmosphere. Let yourself be inspired!

Christiania Copenhagen – If you’re up for a date a bit more out of ordinary, Christiania has always been controversial and is still a very hotly discussed area. Take a short walk in there, and then enjoy the “after effects” together with your sugar dater.
Icebar Copenhagen – Experience the extreme! The first permanent bar made of ice is more than happy to welcome sugar daters with hot blood. Spent time talking in an environment where the walls, bar, tables and even your personal glass with vodka cocktail is made out of crystal clear ice. An interesting experience which will give you a reason to get “warm” afterwards.
Egeskov Castle– is Europe’s best-preserved Renaissance water castle. You cannot miss this idyllic location! If you’re planning to take your sugar babe on the most romantic date she has ever been on, then you must explore the giant park, filled with picturesque landscapes. It will definitely make her feel like a queen.

Noma– If you are ready to impress your sugar babe, then you must get a table in the world’s best Restaurant, as it was declared in 2014. Get ready for Scandinavian delicacies! Spoil your sugar babe with two Michelin stars. After this experience she will definitely spoil you back!

Skagen, Grenen – If you are ready to witness an extraordinary wonder of nature, the “two seas” phenomenon, then you should take you sugar date to join you in this unique experience. The place where the Baltic Sea meets with the North Sea, provides its visitors with unforgettable memories.

Møn Island– Take your sugar babe on a small island. Møn is known for its unique chalk cliffs. The 128 meter high chalk cliff Møns Klint rises majestically above the Baltic Sea and is crowned by a big beech forest. What makes this place magical is the sound of the waves and wind in the treetops.
Den Blå Planet– Northern Europe’s largest aquarium. It is also the most expensive building built in Denmark (700 million DKK). So if you are ready to educate your sugar babe about underwater life, this is the best place to start.

Yacht Cruise – Oh yes, every sugar babe’s dream is to travel by yacht. Get on board a luxurious yacht for some unforgettable Scandinavian sightseeing.

Hot Air Balloon Trip – Do you want your sugar babe to remember you forever? Then you’re up for a serene and thrilling experience. Enjoy the breath-taking views of Denmark. Pass by the busy towns while you enjoy the feeling of freedom. Don’t miss out!

Which one is your favourite destination for a sugar date?