Your 2016 dating goals

Let’s play a game.

Write down on a piece of paper 3 mistakes related to your dating life, that you have made in 2015. Read each of them out loud and think about the lessons that you have learned. Now, light a fire, and burn that piece of paper. In this way, your mistakes will go with the wind, but the lessons will always remain in your mind.

Now you are ready to set new goals for 2016. Feel free to get inspired by the goals below.

  1. Don’t waste your time. You’re not getting any younger. What are you looking for? Is it a life time love or a casual relationship? Don’t spend your time being surrounded by the people who don’t meet your requirements. You already made that mistake in the past and it didn’t get you anywhere. Try to seek for that specific thing that will fulfill you and stick to that. Don’t date just for “practice”.
  2. Be confident, don’t let them see your fears. You are not the person YOU say you are. You are the person THEY say you are. If you are one of those people who cares about what others say about you, then you need to act a little bit. It is a satisfactory trip to your self-esteem too. In the end, you’ll gain a lot of trust in yourself.
  3. Take risks but plan them wisely and ALWAYS have a back-up plan. You just met someone that you think is out of your league? So what? What’s the worst that can happen if you go with the flow? Remember to be confident and on top of that, be sincere. That’s the greatest value a human being can have.
  4. Where ever you go, inspire. Who likes boring talks, non-sense or embarrassing dates? Bring your uniqueness and authenticity to every date. Do the same thing when you go to events and parties. Because let’s be honest, who started an incredible love story just by going on ordinary dates? Good stories start with crazy ideas.
  5. Travel together and do something you haven’t done before. Create new memories with new people. When you go on a holiday, remember to do things you usually don’t do, otherwise, what’s the purpose of the trip? What experience are you getting out of it?

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