Maria’s love story

It is now time to let yourself inspired by the amazing SugarBabes who took their journey along with our team in the first edition of SugarDaters CalendarCalendar ®. Their stories might give you a great life lesson and in the same time an impulse on how to turn things in you favour. Maria, who’s also the first month of the calendar, January-to be precise, reveals her experience and her inner thoughts.


SugarDaters® username: DejligQ



On SugarDaters® I found the man I WAS NOT looking for.

Everything started in a summer evening, when I was watching TV and there was a young girl talking about the concept of SugarDaters®. I got intrigued and therefore I joined the website a few days after the broadcast. From the very beginning, I was clear about what I was looking for. I wrote in my profile that I was NOT looking for a committed relationship, but for a SugarDaddy, who would want to spoil me.And so, sometimes I only met a man once,and other times I met the same man over a longer period of time. But without any commitments. During this time, I met generous men that sweetened up my daily life.

Then one day HE wrote. It was a very long message explaining what HE was looking for and of course, I politely replied and we decided to meet. At that time I could never have imagined that it could become something more than a casual relationship with fun dinners and awesome sex. As we got to know each other better, we just wanted to see and discover more about US, to walk deeper in each other’s lives. I am now in a committed and honest relationship with HIM and I wouldn’t change that, even though there is 18 years difference between us. I still have a profile on SugarDaters® but it is not active anymore.

I strongly believe there is a place for everyone on SugarDaters®, even for those who are not looking for something in particular. You just need to take chances.

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