Three tips to get a sugar-daddy faster

What kind of mistakes do often the SugarBabes and SugarDaddies are soooo tired about? Have you ever asked yourself why it takes that long until you find a SugarDaddy for yourself? Or maybe how is it possible that some of the girls already have 2 or 3 SugarDaddies that they see on a weekly basis, and you STILL didn’t find one? Here are 3 facts you should consider and reconsider from the very beginning of your “carrier”.

  1. Best profile contains 3 photos. That means you need a full body photo, a selfie (and please, do not include duck faces here) and one of your own choice, it can be a sensual photo, or one in which someone can clearly  see that that’s your hobby, or yeah, you decide.
  2. An unique profile text. Please avoid clichés. “I am smart, I am a princess, I have a great personality” these kind of words will make the sugar daddy not only run away but think of you as a superficial kind of girl. And you don’t want that. You want him to see you for WHO you are. So try to find what makes you special and why would he chose you over other sugar babes. What is your authentic thing, your differentiation point. Sometimes writing a good short story about you, brings more value than a great profile photo.

If the SugarDaddy is now convinced, he will contact you. Now you have to enjoy the conversation and to secure one major thing.

3. Misunderstanding – an arrangement worst enemy is misunderstanding. Lead the conversation in that direction so you can let your sugar daddy know what you are seeking for. Is it friendship, to have kids, allowance, dinners, gifts. Let him now what you are looking for. But more importantly, let him know what can you offer. It’s not always about how the sugar daddy spoils you, it is also about what you are giving in return, and it’s not just about sex. It is also about time, friendship, a relationship that can grow perhaps. Tell him what you are looking for, and be honest. Honesty is the best value you can wear  🙂

It is now time to edit your profile on SugarDaters 😉


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