Sex partners-virgins or super experienced?

In a recent study ran on the  danish SugarDaters® blog, we asked how many sex partners our users prefer that their partner had. And the result was surprisingly very scattered.

Not a long time ago, The Telegraph wrote about a similar study in which 8-12 sex partners were optimal. According to this study, we considered inexperienced if you had sex with under 10 people, and too experienced  if the figure was above the 20th.

Virginity is a turn-on

SugarDaters® study showed that 10.59% of users would prefer that their partner has had no sex partner before them. This gives the course of a number of advantages, as you can “learn learn partner up” and she does not have high standards or expectations in advance. At the same time it can also be sexy to be your partner’s first love, and watch him squirm in pleasure for the first time ever.


6-10 sex partners is the ideal

The study on SugarDaters® results showed that 6-10 sex partners is what most prefer that their partner had before them. 18.82% of subjects preferred to their partner had had 6-10 sex partners before them, 15.69% preferred that their partner had sex with 1-5 before them, and 16.86% preferred that their partner had had 11 -15 sexual partners. 10.59% preferred that the partner had 16-20 sex partners. Very few have preferred that their partner has had 21-40 sex partners. But…..

Super experienced lovers are hot

When you look at the answer to how many who prefer that their partner has had more than 40 sexual partners before those seen a huge increase. 16.08% of respondents preferred to their partner has been active in bed with numerous partners. The advantage of having a super experienced partner is that they may be the time and with all the experience, the most likely satisfy anyone. They have tried a little of everything, are attractive to the opposite sex (the number of sexual partners taken into account) and certainly open for a little more fun and unfolded sex life.