SugarDaters® Competition! Win a plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure!

Art To Masterpiece

Do you still remember our calendar for 2016 in which we presented beautiful, female users of our website? The purpose of the calendar was to show that every woman is a piece of art. We want now to go a step further, so we have decided to make a contest called #ArtToMasterpiece in which from PIECE OF ART, you can become a MASTERPIECE by winning a plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure.

Everyone has complexes. Sometimes there are big problems, sometimes minor, which can be eliminated without the use of technology. Worse, if the complexes have a negative impact on our well-being and self-esteem. Therefore, we want to help one of our users to improve his or her life by offering a plastic surgery.


Through the contest #ArtToMasterpiece, SugarDaters® wants to help the young and beautiful people feel confident about oneself and about one’s appearance. To take part in the competition, you must follow these pretty simple rules:

  1. You must be one of the SugarDaters® users: sugarbabe or sugarboy. If you do not have an account, you need to make it not later than 31.03.2016
  2. Send your story to . Submissions can be sent by the end of 01.04.2016.
  3. The application must contain your story and purpose: what and why you would like to change something in your appearance. Write to us 1-2 pages about how you want the operation to change your life.
  4. In addition to the application, you have to put an image on Instagram referring to the body part you want to change. The more creative, the better! Furthermore, the description must contain #ArtToMasterpiece hashtag (the use of additional hashtags is also allowed). Please note that your account must be public so we can see the picture! While choosing the finalists, we also take into account the number of likes that your photo has. The more likes it has, the more your chances increase.
  5. On 15th of April 2016, we select 10 of the most interesting stories which will be further published on our blogs and in the media. IMPORTANT! For all the finalists, anonymity is not an option.
  6. Announcement of the winner will be on 30.04 on the SugarDaters® blog.

An example of the prize may be w nose surgery, breast implants, Botox, tattoo removal and other treatments and operations not exceeding 4k euro.


Important dates:

1.04 – Last day for sending the application

15.04 – Announcement of 10 finalists

30.04 – Announcement of the winner


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