5 issues people assume when you are dating an older partner

According to Barney Stinson’s formula from “The Bro Code”, a perfect age for your girlfriend is Chick’s age = Guy’s age/2 + 7. So the lower limit for 50 year old Tom, the youngest appropriate age he might date is 32 years old. In real life no one is doing the math and we let LOVE (or legs length) decide who we should date. Nevertheless, it happens very often that when a woman or a man is dating someone much older or much younger, family and friends ask: is everything ok with you? Below you can find a couple of other explanations people have when you are dating an older guy. Our little suggestion is: FUCK THEM. You can do what you want 😉

  1. Daddy issues

Having daddy issues is very common accusation after finding out that you are dating someone much older than you. Your dad wasn’t there? You lack a male figure in your life? Your dad was the man of the house and you want someone like him? Ew.. Shame on you people!

  1. Poor parents

I guess for some people it is hard to image how two guys at similar age can sit by the same table where one is sleeping with mom and the other with daughter. How must they feel like?! No worries, meeting parents is a stressful situation regardless boyfriend’s age. Everything depends on the level of parents’ tolerance. Maybe they prefer a mature and responsible guy for their daughter who can take a good care of her as well rather than an immature freeloader?

  1. Sugardaddy issues

Yes, you will probably hear the question: is he your sugardaddy? Well, yes but not the one you think of. The sugardaddy you can be dating is not an old grandpa and if you are waiting for him to die so you can get his money, you may be very disappointed. The advantage of being in a mature relationship is that you will not get any crap from your man, where both of you will support each other and be honest about what you need in your lives.

  1. The future of a family

As a woman who is younger, or much younger than your partner, you can expect that people will stick their noses in your lives saying that there is no future for you to start a family together. Assuming that you both think about each other as of parents for your future children, it is your private matter how you are going to solve this issue. World knows there are children with parents with big age difference and they turn out to be fine. At least some of them, right?

  1. Looks

People tend to be affected by another person’s look, yes. This is very often one of the first things people judge when they meet each other (unless they talk on the phone). Frankly, this applies to both men and women, because everyone wants to be in a relationship with someone who they are attracted to. People can say that you are going to have to put up with his old look in the future, that you are going to look like father and daughter or that he is the lucky one because “what is that you can possibly like about him?” (except for money of course). Well, you can care or you can choose to not care – we recommend the second one 😉 It is your man, your partner and soulmate and for some the looks is less important than the personality. No one