Do sugar daddies prefer sugar babes who rarely initiate conversations?

No. They don’t.

Bare with me and I will explain why. The answer lie between a very simple communication rule. If you find a sugar daddy that you like, you write to him. If he hasn’t written to you first, it might be because he hasn’t stumbled upon your profile yet. Waiting around for the other person to write seems foolish, not only to me, but also to sugar daddies.

1.”Just write”

How many profile texts from sugar daddy have you recently checked? Did you notice that more than 90% mentioned 2 simple words, which are “just write“? A real sugar daddy is not as likely to write to you, since he expects a true sugar babe to be independent and goal oriented. That means, he assumes from the very beginning that you know your aim on the website and he is there to listen to that and make it happen. It is easier and clearer for the sugar daddy, and he doesn’t have to guess or read your mind. Just say it all out loud. If you are the type of sugar babe who only respond, and do not initiate, then you’re most likely to only find those sugar daddies who are looking for a quickie. Do you really want that? If not, then try considering initiating conversations.

Sugar daddies are in FULL control of THEIR lives. I hope you noticed the bold words. That means that they don’t want to control yours, they want to see initiative on how you would like to control yours, and they are there to make it happen. So be precise.

2. ” What are you wearing right now?  “

Sugar babes who have some courage and initiate conversation are AWESOME! One in every 5 sugar babes initiate. Did you know that actually these are the girls who successfully found a sugar daddy? Appearance, sex- appeal, big lips, barbie body, is not everything. Sugar daddies are attracted by interesting women, who are able to surprise them with good conversation that stimulates their big head, not only the little one. So instead of “Hi, how are you”, why not “What are you wearing right now?” Of course, I believe you are a bit more creative than I am. 😉

3. On YOUR terms

It is a relationship on your terms. You set the rules. You get to decide whom you’re setting rules with. Instead of wasting time politely respond to those you are not interested in, invest the time in browsing and initiate conversation with those you like. This way, it’s more likely to find exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t forget: