WE HAVE THE WINNER! #ArtToMasterpiece competition

Congratulations to Elena for winning the first place in #ArtToMasterpiece competition!

The young transgender woman Elena Vikström is a winner our competition due to her touching story of how she was born in the wrong body. Elena was the youngest person ever in Finland to be diagnosed as transgender. A smaller nose has been Elena’s dream already for years and thanks to SugarDaters®, her dream will come true.

“I can’t believe that my long-time desire is finally coming true and I’ll get the small cute nose that I have dreamed of. Cheers and million thanks to SugarDaters®!”, Elena reacts after hearing about her victory.

Elena’s dream

Elena would like to have her nose lowered and narrowed, and nostrils made smaller.

”I have always admired the small nose of my idol, Swedish model Victoria Silvstedt. A plastic surgeon once told me that Victoria and I have very similar facial bones and structure, and all I need to get the perfect Playboy look would be a small nose and jaw job”, Elena says.

Elena has been living in the wrong body for a whopping 18 years. She was diagnosed as a transgender when she was 17 and when she was 18 she started with a sex reassignment in Thailand, which is the nr. 1 place in the world who practice sex reassignments.

“At the age of 17 I was the youngest in Finland to get a transgender diagnosis. My first memories of noticing something wrong in my body was at the age of three. As a kid I hoped that it was just a silly costume that I was wearing, and that the real girl that I have always been would be underneath it. As a teenager I started to have a depression, and when high school ended I decided that I couldn’t live my life as a man”, she says.

Elena is working hard on achieving her ultimate goal of being a gorgeous woman. Since she was 18 her way to womanhood started off with a sex reassignment and silicone breast implants. Later, her eyelids have been operated, she got liposuction and fillings in her lips as well. The nose correction she won at SugarDaters® will bring her one step closer to achieving her ultimate goal!

And the second place goes to… Vanessa from Sweden, congratulations!

Vanessa has won the second place in the competition and receives a prize of €200,-! Vanessa is not happy with her bottom. This affects her life to a great degree, especially when it comes to intimacy Vanessa loses all her self-confidence. Therefore, the prize can be used in whatever procedures she desires.

“I have a very nice, well-trained body but my butt is so flat that it looks like it is dragged down by gravity and can’t get up again”, Vanessa says.

We, at SugarDaters®, hope that winning the second place can contribute to achieving her goal or that she will do something with it in order to feel happy and spoiled! “There is nothing sexier than women who can be confident with dancing around naked and arouse her man and make him to worship her”, Vanessa says. We are convinced that Vanessa has the strength to regain her self-confidence and we hope that Vanessa is soon able to dance around again as well!


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