Sugar daddy fail – 4 embarrassing moments that makes me laugh now

We took our time and kindly asked some of our Sugar babes to share their darkest embarrassing situations. Some of them remember these situations with a bitter laugh, some of them, however, find it extremely funny at the moment.

#1. “Introduce me to your friend”.

Karla is back in college to do her MBA. She is married and has 2 children. She was seeking for a sugar daddy the “spice up” her everyday life; someone that she can spend some nice moments without any strings attached. When she found him, they started to see each other with regularity. All went really well, until one day when he saw her in town while she was shopping and he naturally walked up to her and said hello and bent towards her for a salutatory hug. Whereupon another man came and asked her to be introduced to her friend. She was at a loss for a word because that was of course…..yes you already guessed- her husband.

#2. Sugar daddy with the unemployment money

Jane actually met her sugar daddy at a dinner party. She felt like there is some chemistry and therefore she politely accepted the flirt. They had a really long talk that evening and mostly about her life as a sugar babe: which exotic countries has she saw, which sophisticated events has she been attending. The next day he asked her out, to dine at a kinda fancy restaurant. After a cozy and relaxed time together, her mind was blown when the sugar daddy asked to split the bill because it was almost the end of the month and he was low on cash since his ONLY source of income was the unemployment money… of yeah…what a Salty Daddy…

#3 Kleptomaniac sugar daddy

Annie is telling SugarDaters: “Imagine my surprise when my sugar daddy was caught with a freaking battery watch in his pocket after he had paid about 2300 pounds only for the stuff I bought!!! ” So keep your eyes wide open girls, ask questions before meeting with your sugar daddy. Get to know him well enough so you won’t get in a huuuuuuge mess just because he has a hidden vice.

#4 Oh, hi, I am here to join

Marie has a pretty interesting fail story as well. “I did not see that coming at all. I was intimate with my sugar daddy- actually in the middle of our intercourse, when suddenly, the door opened, and one of his friends came in, ready to join. I was shocked mostly because it seemed such a normal and a natural thing to do. without any notice! Of course, I covered myself and asked for an explanation”. Oops, apparently some of the sugar daddies like to ” over share” moments with their friends.


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