Discovery guide – Sugarbabe as a personal guide for the summer

What is a Discovery Guide?

SugarDaters ® is an international dating service with over 100,000 users in more than 20 different countries both in and out of Europe. This allows users to connect with users from other countries and learn about foreign cultures on a more personal level. On the Danish, French, Dutch Belgian and British SugarDaters® page has been conducted a survey in which users were asked if they ever date across borders with other users, if they met with other users in a country other than their homeland and if they “made use of the native” to see the country/city from a local’s perspective. Let’s find out together if our users were “discovery guides”

The study revealed that 22% of users met with another user in a country other than their homeland;  30% were SugarBabes and 70% were SugarDaddies. From here we can draw the conclusion that SugarDaddies travel more that SugarBabes, due to business meetings, conferences etc, very often to totally different cities, where they don’t know anyone and therefore it is given to SugarBabes the opportunity to be discovery guide for the summer.

Let’s take a hypothetical scenario: A Belgian SugarDaddy is about to have a business meeting in London, UK. At this point he does not have any acquaintances in London, and therefore the only thing he can do is to research probably online what are his options to make the most out of his stay. But what a better guidance someone can get if not from a local’s perspective? A local sugar babe is the best choice because she can give valuable insights about best places to eat, drink cocktails and spend time, so sugar daddie can get a unique insight into the city and the country’s small quirks, and get a more personal glimpse into the sights. It’s nice to be able to share this knowledge but also nice to be able to experience the world from a local’s point of view, and see the places that the guidebooks do not mention.

Further more, the study showed that 17% of the respondents have received inputs from another user in connection with a visit to a foreign country or city and used their “expertise” to get a better experience, while 20% of users have helped an international user with useful information about their hometown and country. The info exchanged were mostly about where  the best places to shop, eat and drink are and how can the city  be experienced (stands, museums, attractions, interesting areas) and get insights into the culture and country itself. Therefore is in our human nature to provide people with info.

Who can be a Discovery Guide?

To sum up, every sugar babe can be a personal guide for the summer. The advantages are quite obvious: great summer job opportunity which is better than selling in McDonalds, provide valuable insights into your own country and culture for foreign visitors, meet with a lot of new people without even being necessary to leave you home town, and to give it a twist and a challenge to your sugar baby life.

With SugarDaters ® it is possible to learn about other countries’ cultures and share this experience with travellers so they get the most out of their stay in the country.
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