Gentleman – how to spot him?

You are going on a date with an unknown man. You know each other only because you exchanged a couple of messages, but you can’t wait until you meet this mysterious guy. You dream of meeting a gentleman who will sugar up your everyday life. Unfortunately, one of the flaws of dating online is that people can pretend to be someone else. Reality can be brutal, but don’t worry. We prepared for you a description of a typical man who knows manners. Try to spot them. If you’re lucky, it’s gonna be your keeper – the perfect gentleman.

      1.While entering or leaving room

Right after your date showed up ON TIME, complemented your outfit and how beautiful you are in reality, it is time to go to the restaurant. Gentleman would definitely open the door for you and allow you out. If he won’t – his loss. The view of a beautiful woman (and her buttocks) gracefully walking in her high-heels is one of the unforgettable moment of the night. Maybe next time he’ll open his eyes..

     2. During the date

According to the gentleman’s rule book, a man should help his lady to sit down by the table. He is allowed to sit down only after the woman sits comfortably and is ready to look at the wine list. It seems obvious that it is gentleman’s role to pay the bill at the end of the date. There is also a list of questions that the real gentleman would never ask on a first date, like “How old are you?”, “What’s your weight?” or “How many guys did you sleep with?”. He is more than welcome to listen, ask questions that are not related to you age, weight or sexual preferences and of course, complement you.

    3. On you way home

When your date comes to an end, a real gentleman should help the woman with her coat or offer his own when she is lacking one. When it rains, it is the man that holds an umbrella and it is also him who should find a cab for her. If you decide to walk, the gentleman should walk her back. It doesn’t matter if he stays for the night or not, the woman is expecting a “thank you” note the next day.

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Source: 28 Southern Gentleman Traditions