5 mistakes in conversations with SugarBabes

The 5 common mistakes that are listed below prove that some SugarDaddies don’t realize the importance of CONVERSATIONS in online dating. However this is the only way to get to know another person. It is crucial when you can’t see another person. It is your only chance to make a good first impression that leads to a meeting and maybe to a relationship. Nevertheless, some of our SugarDaddies are very good at blowing the conversation. If it is not on purpose, you can read the list below and find the answer what’s wrong with your messages.

5 mistakes that you make while writing with a SugarBabe:

  • Engagement

No no, not the one with a ring. Your performance on our SugarDaters® chat can be poor because of your lack of involvement. Show that you care about this girl, that you want to know her better. This mistake is common among men who write to several girls at the same time. Very often the message is just a template that they copy and paste to each one of them. This is not how it works guys. Every girl wants to feel special. Try to make the message a bit more personal. Read her profile, find something interesting about her and mention it in your conversation. This way your chances of having a conversation with her are raising.

This is not the end though. When she decides to respond to your message, be involved in the conversation. Ask questions, be focused on her words and don’t be self-centered.

  • Language

If you’re rude or using vulgar words, don’t count on her responding to you. It doesn’t matter that you are online – show some respect and behave. You don’t have to be overly nice, that’s not the point. Control your emotions and think twice before you write something mean or inappropriate. Some people can be very sensitive to vulgarisms. So don’t use them even when you’re joking and don’t have bad intentions. Once you know the person better, you know what you can and can’t say.

  • Lying

One of the disadvantages of online dating is that people can pretend someone they’re not. Every man can be a twin brother of Brad Pitt and each woman can look like Jessica Alba. But why do we lie?

Each person and each story has it’s own potential that can be interesting to this other person. Describe yourself in the best way you can but drop the lies. Tell her what you like, how you feel about yourself and what bothers you. That’s it. She will eventually find out so save yourself the embarrassment. It is also important to tell her that you are not a billionaire. She will find out as well, SugarBabes are professionals.

  • Waiting 

Don’t keep her waiting. This strategy of blowing her off is not working very well in online dating. If you decide not to reply for a week or two, she will lose her interest in having any further conversation with you. It’s not good if you’re too pushy either, but try to find a balance. You can reply every day or every two days. If you’re very busy every three days is also ok. But if you won’t reply after that, another SugarDaddy will snatch her from under your nose. You can’t image how many of them we have in our system…

  • Tiny, stupid mistakes (that can actually be a deal-breaker)

Some of our SugarBabes claimed, that it is hard for them to forgive a man that confused their name. Again, it happens when you write with a couple of girls at the same time. Be careful not to make another mistake with her education, where she lives or other things that you’ve already discussed. Before you write to her again, read her previous messages to refresh your memory. Nobody’s perfect.

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