A letter from Lars – No more Mr Nice Guy

Today we would like to present a blog post written by Lars, known as No more Mr Nice Guy. He is from Sweden and he is a guest blogger for the Swedish blog. Read his letter about the age difference between partners. It’s worth it!

No more Mr Nice Guy


I will start by telling you who I am. My name is Lars Rosenquist and I know everything about how to get the attention from the other sex. From now on, I will write some blog entry’s and share my experience. I have written a book in Swedish called “No more Mr Nice Guy” and you can find the book on nomoremrniceguy.se. In the book you will learn that raising attraction is a skill that you have to learn, like learning to swim or how to ride a bike. You will learn why quick-fix a la American gurus is not working out. You have to make an effort, nothing valuable will come for free.

In this first blog entry I will write about age difference. Age difference between men and women is completely natural. So to you that is middle aged and a member of SugarDaters®, be proud and happy when your friends see you with a good looking woman by your side. Mean comments are just an act of jealousy. If there is someone that claims that you are a SugarDaddy, then you just answer: ” YES! I am exploring the Sugardaddy life. Suck on that! “

Why do so many marriages fall apart? Can the age difference be the reason? Or more correct, the LACK of one? How many times we, men heard our woman complaining: “I have to pick up after him, I have to nag him about cleaning, cutting the grass… He is like a big baby!”.

And? The worst part is, the women are right. Woman mature much faster than the men and are much wiser. It is no wonder that it is hard to keep a relationship together when one of the parties always carries a heavier burden and have to take more responsibility then the other.

It is probably hard for us men to mature faster than we already are. We are who we are and we do have our limitations. It is possible that the evolution can create something new but it will take ten to a hundreds of years, which is a very long perspective if we look at our lifetime.

Are we, men, sentenced to be the boss at home and at work? Can we, men, find a way to get harmony in our home?

It is actually possible! Live a pleasant bachelor life until you are at least 40, preferably 45. Then you would have enough time to play around, stabilized your economy and have matured enough to be the perfect parent. Then you can involve with a woman that have the same level of maturity, but not the age though. Choose a woman that is at least 20 years younger than you, maybe even 30 years younger if you are almost 60.

But is it not too late to have a baby when you are middle aged, someone would ask? I will ask you a question in return: how many times have we not heard about grandpa’s that says it is more fun with their grand kids than their own kids? The answer is that kids are not more fun, cuter or nicer just because they are grand kids, the only difference is that grandpa is much more mature and more appropriate as a dad!

So what are the advantages for your woman? She does not get an additional big boy that smells of baby food when he opens his month. Instead she gets a man by her side, that she can admire and look up to. Just as us men wants to admire and look up to our woman.

Next time I will write about how to write the perfect profile and how to write a profile text that will select away all couch potatoes with split nail polish, unshaved legs and lack of weight control.

Your friend Lars,
No more Mr Nice Guy