How to write a great profile text?

Filling up your profile is one of the most important things you need to do while signing up on a dating site like  SugarDaters®. This is where the magic starts because your profile is like a first impression. If it is bad, maybe you won’t be lucky enough to find the right person. Text and pictures you choose are crucial, so this is why our friend Lars No More Mr Nice Guy will tell you a little bit about writing a good profile. In his next post, he will focus on profile pictures. Have fun reading!

A great profile text according to Lars – No more Mr Nice Guy

Hi SugarDaddies,

Today I will give you some tips on how to write a good profile. In this blog entry, I will focus mainly on men. Sorry ladies, I will help you out another time.

A good profile has two functions. Firstly, to capture the attention of attractive people with a sense of humour and style. Secondly, to sort out all the people that smells like sweat, goes in crocs and have too small thighs.

A profile is like a sales letter and the merchandise you are selling is yourself. You have fierce competition and you have to be ahead of the market if you want to succeed. Enough talk about that. There is a very good formula that I used when I have written sales letter for industry products. It works just as good when you write your perfect profile for SugarDaters®. The formula is called AIDA. AIDA stands for:





And now we will translate this into the common English. First of all, it is about to capture the reader’s attention (A). Then you have to make the reader interested in what you are writing (I), this includes encouraging a need, a wish or a desire (D). When you have reached this far, it is all about making sure something will happen. This results in an action (A) where the hottie chooses to answer on your profile.

Here is an example of a profile that has worked very good. Only confident woman with a good sense of humour has answered back on this profile.

“Headline: I am the man your mother warned you about.

I will not marry you and make you a so called noble woman, on the contrary, I will seduce you with all the good things life has to offer, plus some exciting adventures. There will be a lot of travelling, operas, champagne, shopping, sail in my boat and of course passion. So lean back, close your eyes and picture this life as a holiday from the grey, everyday life.

In addition, I will spoil you so much that you will be ruined for other men for the rest of your life. There you go, I am the horrible, horrible man your mother warned you about.”

This is a practical example for how the AIDA-formula is used. But there is one thing missing and that is the action part, however, we are instead referring back to the headline with a twinkle in our eyes. The profile is not too detailed because we let the reader’s imagination fill in the blanks. The right lady will fill the blanks with happy images. This is a psychological trick. The brain hates blank and white spots, therefore, it will create the happy images.

Now you might be wondering what answers the profile got, here is some examples:

“Hi there, your horrible man 😉

I must say that I was very intrigued by your profile…

Love adventures and all that is good in life, and to also discover it with an exciting man is wonderful!

Xx Jen”

“Finally, a man that can take action. I like you, this endless emailing back and forth is nothing for me. I am ready for adventure, passion, sex and the beach and I am ready now!”

In my book there is much more regarding profiles. In the book, you also get to learn about the perfect pictures for your profile. Good luck!

Your friend Lars

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