Is sugar dating actually sex dating?

Absolutely not!

Why do people think that sugar dating is sex dating? Does sugar equals sex? No. Is sugar a synonym for sex? Definitely not. Society’s worldview drives us to the point where we can barely distinguish these 2 totally different things. And that’s because Social Media is bombarded by quotes like ” You all want a sugar daddy until he wants his sugar” and showcasing a young lady running away from a very old guy.

sugar daddy (SD) is not always old and unattractive. He is actually a gentleman in full control of his own life and economy, experienced and mature enough to understand that a woman is not something that you just “make use of”. A SD is a man that completely understands that a woman is a human being with feelings, dreams and desires and he is there to make sure that he can provide any kind of support that a sugar babe needs.

sugar babe (SB) is a woman who is adventurous enough to take out her sugar daddy for his daily routine. She is there to spicy up his every day life, making him forget to be preoccupied about business and stuff. A SB comes up with crazy and innovative ideas on how they can spend the time together, and the sugar daddy takes care of the financial part of it.

Then what is sugar dating?

Sugar dating is the relationship between a sugar daddy and a sugar babe or a sugar mama and a toy boy. A sugar mama is the feminine version of a sugar daddy, while a toy boy is the male version for sugar babe. Sugar dating means chemistry between the two partners; it means a relationship – NOTE-  relationship, not a service! it usually means no strings attached and beneficial for both partners. It means a relationship where both partners agree upon different things, depending on their expectations. For example if the sugar babe never visited New York, the sugar daddy can make this dream come true for her in exchange for something. Of course society thinks that’s going to happen in exchange for sex. Sorry to disappoint you, but first of all, sex comes naturally in the relationship anyway, so this is not something a sugar daddy ask for in return. He might ask to accompany him somewhere, to be his plus one to any sort of events – charity galas, company parties, and so on. He might ask to be his partner in a business trip.  Going to an unknown city, it is always more interesting to have someone to get around with. Or he might just want to see life from another angle. See how people of that age spend their time, and get a different perspective of life. Sugar daddies often miss a little bit of excitement in their lives, and a sugar babe is the perfect companion to bring that back.

Therefore, sugar dating and sex dating are two different things, and can be found on 2 different type of platforms. On sugardaters, you can sugar date. Where you can find a sex date? I’m not fond of that, so I don’t care.

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