Sugar Daddy Radar. Where to find him?

Autumn is here and the need to cozy up with a SugarDaddy just gets bigger and bigger. In October, SugarDaters® hit a new record with over 126 000 members from all around Europe. Now we have extended our website and welcome our new members from Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Slovakia.

SugarDaters® is an international dating site and you know that you can contact all members, from all countries here on SugarDaters®? So take up your SugarDaddy radar and pack your bags because now we are gonna check in, which cities in the representative countries that have most SugarDaddys. To help you out even further, we also list what are the most common characteristics for the other countries outside the UK.

United Kingdom – London


If you are looking for a gentlemen with a sexy English accent, then put your radar on London. London is a metropolis for successful men that are just waiting to spoil you. Sugar Daddies will take you out in the city, cozy up with you on romantic dinners and musicals.

Sweden – Stockholm


The capital of Scandinavia is the obvious choice of city for Sugar Daddies. Swedish men are famous for being polite and bringing forward the woman rights in the society. Stockholm is the perfect city to date in with the beautiful nature and you are always close to the water everywhere in the city. There are always a lot of different activities available depending on what you’re in the mood for.

Norway – Oslo


The Norwegian currency is high and there are hundreds of loaded Sugar Daddies ready to spoil you. The Norwegian Sugar Daddies are known to like the outdoor life and they have a raw sexiness that after a few days outside is just irresistible.

Denmark – Copenhagen


The Danish people has been appointed the happiest people in the world and Danish Sugar Daddies are no exception. The Danish Sugar Daddies are also known to be in good shape and have a good sense for fashion. Copenhagen is not just where there are most Sugar Daddies in Denmark but in the whole of Europe.

France – Paris


Paris is the place you want to go to if you are looking for “La Passion”. The French are very romantic and here you can always find a SugarDaddy that provides you with a lot of romance and passion. A French Sugar Daddy will kiss you under the Eifel tower, invite you to cafes to drink wine all day long and shop at all the top-designer brands.

Germany – Berlin



Berlin has loads of creative Sugar Daddies that likes art. Go to a museum or enjoy a romantic walk thorugh the town so you can enjoy the street art with your SugarDaddy.

If you time the right, why not find a sexy Sugar Daddy in lederhosen in München during the October Fest? Enjoy beers and a great party in Germany’s second biggest SugarDaddy city.


Belgium – Brussels



If you want to enjoy chocolate, beer and waffles together with an original SugarDaddy then you should go to Brussels. The characteristics of Belgium SugarDaddies is that they are on the top of their careers and therefore want to spend all their free time with their Sugar Baby.

Netherlands – Amsterdam



Do you want to have a SugarDaddy that goes straight to the point? Then Dutch Sugar Daddies are perfect for you! Dutch SugarDaddys are known to be liberal and  say exactly what they think. Enjoy spending time in seventh heaven with a tall and handsome Sugar Daddy.

Poland – Warszawa



Polish Sugar Daddies are known to have humor so if you are looking for a man with sense of humor, you should look for a man in Warszawa. Polish men works often late nights and therefore have all morning to prepare wonderful breakfasts for you.

Portugal – Lisbon



If you want a macho Latino then you should look for a man in Portugal. Portuguese men knows how to treat a woman with exclusive seafood restaurants, dance sensual dances with you and enjoyment on the beach. 

Spain – Madrid



If you like a little bit of each when it comes to tapas and men then you should go to Madrid. Here you can enjoy sangria with a Passione man that never has a problem to show you love and care for you.

Austria – Vienna



Finding a Sugar Daddy from Austria means to find an exciting man that are always up to something. This can mean everything from pub crawl, go for a drive in the beautiful mountains to skiing in the wonderful Alps. A man from Austria will always make something happen.

Switzerland – Zürich



Are you seeking an intellectual man then just go to Zürich. Men from Switzerland are not just smart and handsome but also have a lot of money, to spoil you is not a problem. Furthermore, they are known to know many languages so you should never be afraid to talk to them.

Finland – Helsinki



Finish men are known to be calm and relaxed but sometimes to a little bit nuts. So if you are looking for new experiences that you would never thought about yourself then you should go to Finland.

It is obvious from the SugarDaters® that the most SugarDaddys are from the capitals in each country. This is however good for you since then it will be cheaper for you to fly over there, in case your SugarDaddy won’t pay for you.


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