New Year’s Eve has passed but the holiday season is far from over. Well at least for one girl – Marije Oosting  an exquisite  dutch sugar baby, model and artist living in Switzerland  who will now receive a pretty solid 3000€ prize from Sugardaters® for her seductive Christmas photo. That’s a pretty solid amount of sugar, yet absolutely worth the effort she obviously has put into her picture!


We were extremely happy to realize how creative and ambitious our Sugar Babes can be as it comes to expressing themselves. Since we had a limited amount of places on our Christmas calendar, we couldn’t select all the babes that applied for the competition. But the ones that got in – as every member of SugarDaters® would probably agree with us – were extremely seductive!

And yet one girl stood out the most in the eyes of Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mamas. It’s Marije Oosting who truly demonstrated what it actually means to seduce Santa and gathered the most of your votes. Take a good look, everybody, this kind of Christmas babe doesn’t land on one’s lap every day!

But it’s not only about the sugar, is it? It’s about the Christmas spirit, about being a part of one of the most successful campaigns we’ve had so far; about the genuine attention from everybody who gave a vote, about the excitement of Christmas holidays… No, we’re actually kidding, at the end of the day it’s all about the sugar! And Marije Oosting well deserved every last piece of it.

We cannot wait to have a little chat with the winner and we promise to tell all about her. How is she feeling about the win? How is she planning to spend the money? Stay tuned for all of that and some more spicy details about the most impressive Sugar Babe on this year’s calendar.

We would like to thank everybody who participated and voted in the competition. It’s actually you who made Santa’s Next Sugar Babe an unforgettable experience. Have a good start of a new Sugar Year!

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