Tips for new Sugar Daddies

It can be hard for a Sugar Daddy to know how to cope in SugarDaters® world. Perhaps you have much experience with sugar dating, but you are simply new to SugarDaters®.com. Perhaps Sugar Dating is a completely new concept for you, that you find interesting and want to explore. Whichever category you belong, you can use these 4 tips help, what are the do’s and don’ts when you want to pull Sugar Babies in the country.

  1. Be a gentleman

If you want to be successful in the world of SugarDating and SugarDaters®, it is essential that you act respectfully and communicate in a good and polite way. On SugarDaters® we have a feature called Gentleman Rating, where users can assess each other’s behavior, remember to keep the good tone and treat Sugar Babies with respect. This applies not only when writing messages, but also when you meet with Sugar Babies personally. Be a gentleman, in the old fashioned way, haven’t heard anyone to fail with this. 😉

  1. Don’t ask for sex

Sugar Dating is a controversial kind of dating and is not just about sex. Unfortunately, many people misunderstand the concept. Sugar Dating is about mutually beneficial relationship, not only trade in goods. Do you wish that your potential future partner asked for sex right away – even before you got the chance tomeet that person? Probably not. Sex of course, can be part of it, if both of the partners decide that there’s chemistry between them and this is what they want to do. After all, sex is a important part in any relationship.

  1. Be open and honest

When sugar is dating, it is important that you are open and honest. It is that which Sugar Dating is all about – to show who you are and what you’re looking for. So be honest, a potential future partner knows what she can expect and what is expected of her. It is the way of a good and solid relationship on SugarDaters®. This is what actually differentiate sugar dating from normal dating. The courage of saying right away what you are expecting from your partner.


  1. Wait with the material goods, till you have met in person

This point we can not stress enough! We recommend that you do not send gifts, money or other material goods to people you have not met in person. Unfortunately no Sugar Babies, which makes it a condition that they will receive jewelry, money, bags, etc., before they will meet with a Sugar Daddy personally. Some of these girls choose so then dropping everything socket when they have received the gifts they would. Sugar Dating is the relationship that is built on gifts, mutual respect and care, so do not give gifts and money before to have met on a date.

With that being said, share this with your fellow sugar daddy, he might appreciate the advice.

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