Sugar dating is NOT an alternative fact

Yup, Sugar Dating is NOT an alternative fact. An alternative fact is that today is Friday, and that apples are vegetables and that bananas are red.

So yes, you got the point, an alternative fact is a lie, and alternative facts are actually NOT facts. Apparently instead of admitting of telling a lie, you would rather say that it was an alternative fact. Fancy, ha? But this is not something we encourage you do to. It didn’t worked out well for them, so probably it won’t work out for you either.

Sugar Dating is about mutual respect, and on SugarDaters® you CAN find either a one night stand, or a steady relationship, or why not the person your dreams! And this is again, not an alternative fact. In 2015 when we created the first version of SugarDaters® calendar, we met Maria, and she came with her Sugar Daddy to the photo shoot session where she explained: “We agreed to see each other again, but at that time I would never have thought that we would share more than a lovely company and sex. As we got to know each other better, we started to have feelings for one another and wanted to be together all the time. Now we are a committed couple”. Yup, it is not an alternative fact that you can find THE ONE. And imagine all the benefits: if you are a sugar baby, that means he is rich, powerful, influential. Hence, you won’t miss anything both on the financial level and personal level. If you are a Sugar daddy, she is young, beautiful, bubbly, ready anytime to take you into the next adventure. I’m telling you, benefits all along. 😉

Here you have an alternative fact in regards to Sugar Dating: a typical Sugar Daddy is poor, he is not generous and he has a lot of time to listen to his Sugar Baby drama. A typical Sugar Baby will treat a Sugar daddy with no empathy, she will be bored all the time and she will only meet with a Sugar Daddy because he is rich, not because she is attracted to him.

I dare you to hashtag an alternative fact on your Instagram or Facebook account about Sugar Dating. You can see our post about alternative fact here. Give us the opportunity to see your post by using both #sugardaters and #alternativefacts. Best posts will be presented on our blog, hence a lot of visibility for you all of a sudden. 😉

And remember: every day is a good day to meet a rich man, and every day is a good day to meet a young and beautiful woman. This is not an alternative fact!

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