Summer 2020 date ideas: if you’re travelling

If where you are travelling is no longer a problem, you are probably wondering what are the ways to spend your summer vacation with your sugar partner. These 5 summer 2020 date ideas might come in handy when planning some special moments with your sugar baby or your sugar daddy.


Spend a weekend at your summer house

If you’ve been in your current sugar relationship for a while now, taking your sugar partner to a summer house might be exactly the right escape from everyday worries. Enjoy some quiet time far away from the city noise and responsibilities where you two can pick berries, take a swim in the lake or relax in a hammock enjoying fresh forest air.


Take a day off at the beach

Or a weekend. Or the whole week. Fresh cocktails, sunlight, sand, the sound of crashing waves, and, of course, your special someone by your side enjoying all of that right there with you. What’s not to like? To raise your levels of adrenaline, try sailing, diving, jump on a water bike or go water skiing. At the end of your romantic day, have some champagne and strawberries watching the sunset. Just make sure the beach is not likely to be overcrowded when choosing one – just in case.


Go on a hike

If you’re an active couple, this might have already crossed your mind. So what are you waiting for? Invite your sugar sweetheart on their ultimate hiking expedition. Pack some healthy snacks, jump in a car and head down the road out of the city and into the woods. Rediscover each other walking miles in a fresh embrace of nature.


Outdoorsy Urban vacation

In case your ideal summer date doesn’t include chasing the bugs away in the middle of nowhere and it’s either a beautiful city or nothing for the two of you, there are ways to have an exciting urban date while also staying safe. So pack your summer outfits (and preferably some stylish masks) and head to that romantic city you’ve been dreaming of discovering. Enjoy the architecture, the green areas and have a romantic picnic by the river. To get your heart beating faster, take a bike trip around the city or visit an outdoors amusement park.


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Go to a small music festival or an outdoor concert

Are the two of you music fans? In that case, look into events in your area or abroad (where it’s safe!) that match your and your sugar partner’s music tastes. A live music experience might be just what you need to make the whole weekend feel like one extended Friday night in the arms of your sugar lover.